Meet Our Providers

Aubrey Harding, ND

Dr. Aubrey Harding is a licensed naturopathic physician. She is a Salem native and South Salem High School graduate. She received her BA in psychology from Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota and completed her doctorate of naturopathic medicine with honors in research at National University of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon.


Kelsey Barnett, ND

Dr. Kelsey Barnett is a primary care provider in her first year of residency, and is excited to join the Well Life Medicine team! She was born and raised in the East San Francisco Bay Area, CA before heading farther north to Chico, CA to pursue her Bachelors of Science in Exercise Physiology.


Kristi Lougee

Kristi Lougee is a Licensed Professional Counselor. She went back to school in her 20’s, as a mother of two, to earn an Associate’s Degree in Occupational Therapy. This launched her career as a therapist. During this time, Kristi became aware of the critical importance of caring for the whole person, emotionally as well as physically.


Madeleine Sanford

Madeleine is board certified as a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner (PMHNP-BC). After many years and extensive experience as a family nurse practitioner working in multiple settings including outpatient, school-based health, education, and urgent care, she obtained an additional degree to become a PMHNP and focus on her passion for mental health. Her style is individualized to the person, evidence-based, trauma-informed and holistic. She sees patients across the lifespan, including children and adolescents. Additionally, she has completed training for MAT (medication assisted therapy for opioid use disorders).

Aaron Erez, DO

Aaron is a board-certified family medicine physician with extensive training in integrative and functional medicine. He attended medical school at the University of North Texas Health Science Center and completed his family medicine residency at Good Samaritan Hospital in Corvallis, Oregon.
He has a certification Functional medicine from the Institute for Functional Medicine and has had a life-long passion for health optimization, nutrition, integrative medicine, emotional and physical wellness.


Molly Rodden MSN FNP-C PMHNP-C

Hello! My name is Molly, I truly believe that mental health and physical health are inseparable. I also firmly believe that all people (regardless of gender, race, sexuality, or ethnicity) deserve high quality, integrated and, personalized care. Over the last 15 years I have worked in variety of settings including a residential unit for children with serious mental illness, elders with memory or physical impairments, addiction recovery and those with chronic pain.



Wanda Hill, DNP is currently seeing patients ages 15 and up for mental health evaluations; as well as management of patients with depressive disorders, anxiety, PTSD, ADD/ADHD, schizophrenic spectrum disorders, bipolar disorder, OCD, and adjustment disorders.


Hannah Westbrock

Hannah received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Counseling Psychology from Colorado Mesa University. Currently, she is nearing completion of the Professional Mental Health Counseling Program at Lewis & Clark Graduate School of Education and Counseling. She completed her counseling practicum at the Lewis and Clark Community Counseling Center and is currently in the internship phase of her program, which is the last stage prior to graduation.
Philosophy and Approach:
Her counseling work is partially formulated by the idea of the “Three Cs” of counseling: Compassion, Connection, and Curiosity. She believes that progress is possible when there is compassion from both the therapist and the client; a therapeutic connection is developed between the two, and there is curiosity from the therapist regarding the client and their story. She hopes to encourage clients to be their authentic self in the therapy space, allowing new discoveries to be uncovered. Her approach is strongly influenced by mindfulness practices and increasing one’s flexibility to unforeseen events. Additionally she takes a multicultural and social justice orientation—meaning the conversations will naturally include the client’s cultural identities and social locations, as well as the broader contexts of their lived experience. Through collaboration, exploration, she hopes to help clarify and identify concerns and subsequent solutions and to explore possible changes that can be implemented in daily life while acknowledging sources of strength and resiliency.