Provider Profile

Molly Rodden MSN FNP-C PMHNP-C

Hello! My name is Molly, I truly believe that mental health and physical health are inseparable. I also firmly believe that all people (regardless of gender, race, sexuality, or ethnicity) deserve high quality, integrated and, personalized care. Over the last 15 years I have worked in variety of settings including a residential unit for children with serious mental illness, elders with memory or physical impairments, addiction recovery and those with chronic pain. I have also worked in private clinics and started a free clinic to provide care for those who did not have health insurance. Previous to working in outpatient clinics I taught nursing students and worked on locked psychiatric units treating those in crisis. Recently I left my position as medical director for two small clinics to join the Well Life team so that I have more freedom to treat patients while spending more one on one time. I have a holistic perspective on psychiatric care and believe that "less medicine is better medicine." Despite believing that medications should be minimized, my outlook is realistic and I strive to maintain my patients stability. No one should have medications suddenly stopped or be taken off a medicine without a great deal of conversation and compromise.

I am an Army Brat who grew up across the mid-west and southern states. My family and I moved from Texas to Illinois when I was 16 years old. Relocation can cause emotional distress or be a perfect opportunity for growth. I met and married, this marriage resulted in two fun loving kids but regrettably ended 5 years later; I know the pain of loss and divorce. Eventually I met and married another wonderful, caring, involved man who is the love of my life (blended families are GREAT)! After 12 years in practice our gaze turned towards Oregon and a better quality of life for our family. We relocated to the PDX metro area in 2017 leaving behind our three eldest children attending college along the east coast and in the midwest. Life changes can be a challenge!

I enjoy camping and hiking when not at work. We try to spend as much time as possible on the coast being surrounded by the sound and smell of the ocean. My husband was a therapist (we met at work) and is a Librarian by training. Currently he is Mr Mom, the kids love his cooking and I never get tired of seeing his smiling face at the end of the day!

I look forward to meeting each and every one of you in the future and I know we will have a strong therapeutic alliance.