Provider Profile

Kelsey Barnett, ND

Dr. Kelsey Barnett is a primary care provider in her first year of residency, and is excited to join the Well Life Medicine team! She was born and raised in the East San Francisco Bay Area, CA before heading farther north to Chico, CA to pursue her Bachelors of Science in Exercise Physiology. There she spent her days dog-walking, mountain-biking, good-food-making, swimming-hole exploring, playing in the dirt, and studying all there is to know about human physiology. She then traveled even farther north to pursue the practice of medicine and graduated with her Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine from National University of Natural Medicine in Portland, OR.

She provides primary care with an emphasis on lifestyle medicine and finds joy in helping her patients access health care treatment options that best suit their unique needs. She can offer an array of treatment options including pharmaceutical therapy, botanical medicine, nutritional therapy, adjunctive pain management, and various physical modalities such as craniosacral or massage therapy. Her favorite modalities are botanical/ herbal medicine and craniosacral therapy.

She is profoundly grateful to have found a career that aligns so well with her values, a career that is centered around compassion for fellow humans that emphasizes the foundations necessary for health. She loves to empower people to reconnect with what brings joy and wholeness to life. Her approach to healthcare considers all aspects of what it is to be human: how we move, feel, think, eat, sleep, socialize, work, and occupy time.

Additional certifications in Craniosacral Therapy and Perineural Injection Therapy for chronic pain management.

Dr. Barnett is seeing patients in both the Salem and Hillsboro locations.